Inspired by the unique expressions of nature through colors, shapes, and structures, there is a special focus on designing posters that inspire the senses through a minimalist and decorative approach, simultaneously bringing aesthetics to the home. The creative force behind LÈ ARK is graphic designer Michelle Schultz.

"What I love about art and design is that you can create exactly the expression and mood you desire. With my education and passion for art and design, I am fascinated by how colors and shapes speak to us, and how the smallest details can influence us."



At LÈ ARK, we recognize that even small initiatives can make a substantial impact on one's carbon footprint. We have integrated this ethos into the production and shipping processes when you make a purchase from www.leark.dk

Sent once a week

All LÈ ARK poster orders are sent out once a week, every Thursday. To ensure your order is included in this shipment, please place it before Tuesday ends. The choice of a weekly shipping schedule, helps us reduce environmental impact by minimizing resource use during production and delivery.

Printed at a Local Printing Facility in Aalborg

Every poster offered on www.leark.dk is printed at a small, local printing facility in Aalborg. At LÈ ARK, supporting this local printing establishment aligns with our values of prioritizing quality and ensuring ethical production conditions. By endorsing local businesses, we streamline the shipping process, further mitigating our CO2 footprint.

Printed Upon Order Placement

All LÈ ARK posters available on www.leark.dk are printed upon order placement. This approach ensures that resources are not needlessly wasted and that posters always are produced with a purpose in mind.